Crew Chief Camp

The goal of the Crew Chief Camp is to teach referees how to think/act more like crew chiefs.

  • What makes an official a crew chief and not just a play caller?
  • How do they react to tough situations?
  • How do they get their crew on the same page throughout the game?

This camp is all classroom based, active interaction camp. There will be individual and group participation. Campers will be given various situations to see how they would handle them. The staff will give them various ways on how they would handle those situations.

The Crew Chief Camp is open to officials on the Men’s and Women’s side but limited to 40 campers.  The cost is $225 per person.

We ask that all officials bring in plays that have atypical situations (technical fouls, unusual plays, tough interactions with coaches, etc.)

If you are interested in attending contact us at

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